Natural. Simple. Handmade.

Small Town. Big Dreams.

I am Stephanie Black, a mother of 4 from Nashville, TN.  My curiosity peeked about making natural soaps when I took a short weekend trip to South Carolina. As we ventured out on a Saturday, we stopped at a local flea market in the area of Florence.  I came across a vendor selling homemade soaps and they had this particular white soap for sale. My mom started raving about how they grew up using this soap and how soft it made their skin feel.

During the ride back to Nashville, my interest was peaked. I scoured the internet and started writing down different recipes. It was at that point, I decided to start making natural soaps. My first batch was created May 2018 and since then my ideas have grown beyond my wildest dreams, from soaps, to scrubs, lotions, and more!

Ivie’s Suds N' Such was inspired by my working and raising children as a single mother. I was on a journey to utilize a gift within myself to create natural products for both men and women.  September 2018 my son told me he was going to have a baby, what a blessing! My beautiful grand daughter “Ivie Nicole” was born September 27, 2018. My sweet grandbaby “Ivie” is what motivates me and fuels my passion to remain dedicated and make Ivies Suds N' Such a household name! My dream is to cultivate a brand that I can pass down to her and future generations to come!

It Works!

"It works, and you have beautiful items!"

Kimmi Murray- Facebook

The Anticipation

"I love your products, and can't wait to see what you come up with next!"

Patina Holman-Facebook

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